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Terry Lavenstein, Managing Partner of Lavenstein Law, has been practicing Criminal Defense Law exclusively for over 40 years in all Maryland State and Federal Courts. During his tenure, he has had the pleasure of being granted “Pro Hoc Vice” status (temporary Bar Admittance) in 12 other U.S. states and 10 other federal jurisdictions in criminal cases. He has won 16 “not guilty” verdicts out of 18 homicide jury trials and has also successfully defended virtually 1000’s of misdemeanors before District Courts; e.g. DWI, theft, assault, drugs, etc.

Lavenstein Law has represented criminal defendents in roughly 150 jury trials in every county in the state of Maryland.

“For effective and aggressive representation, don’t hesitate to contact Lavenstein Law – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”


Lavenstein Law has represented 15 NFL Clients, as their attorney and or agent, including Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens), Tony Siragusa (Baltimore Ravens), Ron Dayne (New York Giants – Heisman Trophy Winner 2000), Benny Thompson (Baltimore Ravens), Jermaine Lewis (Baltimore Ravens), Bam Morris (Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Kansas City) and several other notable NFL players in criminal matters.

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A DUI Lawyer & Criminal Lawyer for Baltimore

If you or a loved one is facing DUI in Maryland, DWI, or any other serious criminal charges, don’t face the criminal justice system without a proven top criminal defense attorney on your side. Lavenstein Law is a top criminal defense law firm serving the state of Maryland. As one on the best criminal defense firms practicing in the state of Maryland, Lavenstein Law has successfully represented defendants in over 150 criminal jury trials in the State of Maryland, other U.S. states, and federal jurisdictions.

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All Areas of Maryland Criminal Defense

No case is too big or small for Lavenstein Law. Our criminal defense law firm will aggressively defend your innocence in DUI and DWI cases and other serious traffic offenses. Drug related offenses – possession, distribution, trafficking, intent; Violent crimes – murder, manslaughter, rape, assault, abuse, domestic violence, robbery, burglary and theft, guns and weapons charges. We will protect your rights in police misconduct and police corruption cases.


If you have been a victim of illegal searches and seizure, and as a result were charged with drug possession of cds, drug distribution, drug trafficking, controlled dangerous substances, intent to distribute, narcotics, heroin, cocaine, crack, marijuana, etc., DON’T say a word until you consult with Lavenstein Law.

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Driving While Intoxicated – DWI – and Driving Under Influence – DUI – are both serious offenses in the State of Maryland and carry very harsh sentences and penalties. Avoid the fees, excessive fines, and penalties and contact Lavenstein Law for the best representation against DUI and DWI charges.

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Violent crimes are serious offenses that demand serious legal representation. If the criminal charges filed are assault, manslaugher, or murder in any degree, contact Lavenstein Law. Having attained 16 “Not Guilty” verdicts out of 18 homicide trials, our firm has the experience and tenacity to aggressively defend your innocence before a jury.

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Domestic violence and domestic abuse are serious charges that are usually personal matters involving loved ones. If a domestic dispute turns violent, it is automatically categorized a violent crime. Don’t allow a mistake to severely disrupt your life or the ones you love. Contact Lavenstein Law to defend your domestic violence case.

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Unlawful gun possession, illegal firearms, unlawful carrying of a weapon, carry and conceal, illegal possession of a firearm are all defendable charges. Weapons charges are treated as violent crimes with potential consequences of years in prison. Lavenstein Law will vehemently argue your innocence in court.

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Rape and child abuse charges are offenses that carry a potential lifetime of criminal punishment. Avoid the stigma of being labeled a sexual predator or having to register on a sex offender registry. Contact Lavenstein Law to defend your rape or abuse case and maintain a life of normalcy without the social stigma.

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Burglary, theft and robbery involve victims and loss of property, resulting in stiffer penalties. Depending on the circumstances, the alleged suspect may face severe criminal sentences in addition to victim recompense. It is important to have a top criminal defense attorney defend your innocence and maintain your freedom.

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If you ever encounter police corruption or police misconduct in any capacity, it’s imperative to have an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side to help you navigate a potentially corrupt justice system and combat maligned law enforcement officials.

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On your side.

Being charged with a DUI or any criminal offense poses many challenges. We are here to support you and defend your rights, your job, and your freedom.

All misdemeanors and felonies are defendable with Lavenstein Law on your side. We provide free initial consultation.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

In 1997 I retained Terry as my attorney while playing for the Cleveland Browns; before the team moved to Baltimore. Due to the success of the minor criminal charge, I asked Terry to be my agent.

In addition to becoming my best friend, Terry protected me throughout my career. Whenever I called, he was always there to guide me.

 I can’t speak highly enough about Terry’s representation of me throughout my career.

Benny Thompson (Baltimore Ravens)

Terry is without a doubt the most brilliant Attorney/Agent. I’ve had the pleasure of virtually having him run my entire football career ever since I signed with the Ravens from the Indianapolis Colts in 1998. I couldn’t have selected a more honest and trustworthy Attorney/Agent to guide my football career.

As my Attorney, Terry was second to none when it came to legal advice. Whenever a legal issue came up, Terry was there to answer any questions I had with sound legal advice.

Tony Siragusa (Baltimore Ravens)

Terry was great through the whole process in my DUI hearing. He prepped me perfectly and was very savvy in court. Ultimately, what could have been something that had a major negative impact for years instead was reduced to unsupervised probation, no fine, no points, no DUI. He even strongly encouraged me to stop drinking. And I did.

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Terry is the best lawyer to have as your advocate. Watching him in court is like watching TV lawyers in Court… Which you know that is not how it really is, but with Terry, he is brilliant, charismatic and entertaining. Got me off my charges and made it so I could get the charges expunged from my record… definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a GREAT attorney.

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Personal Injury Lawyer


We provide a FREE initial legal consultation


If you or a loved one were injured as a result of an automobile accident, we will make sure that you are fully compensated by the negligent party.


If you experience an injury as a result of negligence on the part of the doctor or hospital, we will see to it that you are compensated for said negligence.


Maryland has the most comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Law in the United States. Lavenstein Law will protect your rights and earn the compensation you deserve.

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Birth defects as a result of doctors’ negligence can include Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays, and more. Negligence can even result in infant death. Regardless of the injury, Lavenstein will fight for the compenstation the family deserves.

Get legal representation. Free initial consultation.

Drug Related Offenses

Drug related misdeameanors and felonies affect everyone involved – family, friends, and community. Don’t let a bad decision derail your life. Get the best criminal defense attorney your case demands and protect yourself from a lifetime of regret. The laws in the state of Maryland and Baltimore County pertaining to controlled dangerous substances are strict and carry severe penalties. When facing criminal drug charges, it’s important to consult with an experienced criminal law firm like Lavenstein Law before uttering a single word to ANYONE.

If the criminal charges that are filed relate to drug possession, drug distribution, contolled dangerous substances – CDS, intent to distribute, trafficking, narcotics, cocaine, crack, heroin, marijuana, illegally obtained prescription drugs, or any controlled dangerous substance, contact us for the best criminal defense attorney represesentation in the state of Maryland. We will fight for the best outcome!

We’re Maryland DUI Lawyers

Driving While Intoxicated and Driving Under the Influence – DWI & DUI – are criminal offenses that carry stiff penalties. Fines and penalties can add up to tens of thousands dollars and jail sentences can be years. The most serious offenses will set you back financially with incarceration being a very real outcome. Avoid the years of a potentially life altering setback and get a top criminal defense attorney like Lavenstein Law to defend your DUI or DWI case in the state of Maryland.

High blood alcohol content, failed breathalyzers and field sobriety tests, distorted driving patterns, refusing to submit to a field sobriety test or breathalyzer are offenses that raise suspicion to patrolling police officers. These kinds of activities are treated very seriously in the state of Maryland and demand an expert criminal defense attorney. For any situation that results in DUI or DWI charges, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


All misdemeanors and felonies are defendable with Lavenstein Law on your side.

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